Press Release — December 7, 2021

FirstSignal Survey Finds that 69% of Respondents Know Someone Who Has Been Hospitalized or Died From COVID-19

Underscoring the Need for Preservation of Health and Wellness When it Comes to Protection From COVID-19

Media, PA (December 7, 2021) -- FirstSignal LLC, a company developing products based on the theory of Molecular Signaling™ to promote health and wellness, recently surveyed 1,000 people across the United States to learn more about Americans’ views of COVID-19 and maintaining health. 

79% of respondents have been vaccinated for COVID-19 and 69% know someone personally who has been hospitalized or died from COVID-19.

Almost two years after the world went on lockdown for COVID-19 and the development of three vaccines, over half of respondents are still concerned (56%) about themselves or a family member getting COVID 19. This data point varied dramatically by political affiliation, with 70% of those identifying as Democrats expressing concern, while 46% of those identifying as Republicans expressed concern.

Of those surveyed, 83% believe that zinc and vitamin C are important for maintaining good health. 

“We are excited to explore this area of maintaining and enabling health and wellness through molecular signaling. The survey findings illustrate how there is interest in maintaining general health and wellness and also still a high level of concern for COVID-19, despite the progress that has been made against the pandemic,” said Joel Adams, Founder of FirstSignal.

The survey was distributed via SurveyMonkey and surveyed a cross section of Americans by age, gender, income, geography, and political affiliation.  

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FirstSignal LLC ( is developing products based on the theory of Molecular Signaling™ to promote health and wellness. The company’s inaugural product, FirstSignal, uses precise, micro-doses of Zinc to help the body restore normal intercellular and intracellular signaling.* 

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