Talks about how FirstSignal helped her cold sores

@BlessThisLittleHouse sprays FirstSignal under her tongue

Why do you spray FirstSignal under your tongue instead of at the cold sore site?

FirstSignal works because of what is called molecular signaling. The molecules and cells in our body constantly resonate and signal to each other. This intracell and intercell signaling is how we stay healthy. Viruses, and the body’s reaction to the virus, can sometimes cause this signaling to go awry and create molecules that cause inflammation (called inflammatory cytokines and chemokines).

The herpes simplex virus, HSV1, resides in our bodies all the time, forever. (About half of all Americans have the herpes simplex virus.) But only some individuals have outbreaks and only some of the time. We have outbreaks when our signaling goes awry and creates the inflammatory molecules that cause the outbreaks or lesions of cold sores.

By spraying FirstSignal under your tongue, it is absorbed through your mouth and goes directly into your bloodstream to correct molecular signaling and re-establish healthy biological communication. This mitigates or eliminates the symptoms. Correcting the signaling does not eliminate the virus (remember it remains in your body forever) but it helps stop the outbreak.

Spraying FirstSignal directly onto your cold sore will not cause any harm. However, it will not be effective because it will not enter your bloodstream and correct molecular signaling. We do not recommend spraying FirstSignal directly on your cold sores.

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