FirstSignal Brand Ambassador Program

We’re offering the opportunity to promote FirstSignal online in exchange for free samples, perks, and affiliate commissions

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What is FirstSignal?

FirstSignal recently launched as a symptomatic treatment* for cold sores.

When used with Abreva** (generic name: Docosanol) at the first sign of a cold sore, our users noticed a dramatic decrease in the duration and severity of their cold sores.

I started using FirstSignal with Abreva when I have a cold sore.

For the last three incidents, I have found that I can eliminate even the soreness within two or three days by using both treatments together.

Joel A, Media PA

How does the brand ambassador program work?

  • Apply to see if you qualify.
  • If accepted, we'll send you full details about the program.
  • We'll send you free samples plus access to online media resources.
  • We'll create a personal discount code linked to your Instagram handle.
  • You post about FirstSignal and mention your discount code to your audiences.
  • You get paid monthly.
  • You provide us feedback on how we can improve.
  • We'll reward the most engaged influencers with generous additional benefits.

What do I post?

  • Be creative and authentic to your own online voice!
  • Post in your main Instagram Stream, Stories, or Reels.
  • Promote using FirstSignal with Abreva (or the generic version Docosanol) at the first sign of a cold sore.
  • Make sure to mention your personal discount code.
  • Send us a screenshot and please tag us!
  • Don’t disparage the brand in any way.
  • Don't condone the use of the product other than sprayed under the tongue.
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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
** FirstSignal has no affiliation with Abreva or GSK.