Elizabeth B's Story*

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling weak and tired. I thought it was the dreary, cold weather. Or was it Covid?

I didn’t have a home test and regardless of what it was called, I wanted to feel better fast. I had a fever of 99.8° F, which is two+ degrees above my normal. Time to take something. I decided to give FirstSignal a try.

I sprayed it under my tongue two times. (The directions say one spray but the ingredients seem simple and safe so ‘front loading’ with two sprays seemed okay.) I repeated the two sprays every fifteen minutes for the next hour.

With each spray, I took my temperature and it steadily declined after each dose. After the initial four sprays, I used it hourly all day. After the first two hours, my temperature was back to normal. A demonstrable miracle. This sounds pretty unbelievable but it’s true. I will keep using it and report.

— Elizabeth B, Philadelphia